Who's Who

Here are our key trustees and facilitators who help make WLA what it is.
Alongside these people we have a number of guest lecturers who lend their wisdom to our courses from time to time.
Joshua Kindness   Andrew Hardy
Josh is a past WLA graduate through the BA programme and now leads the Coventry cluster with the current cohort of students as well as lecturing in Hands On.  He is also the Pastor of Bethel Church Coventry and is leading community ministries across Coventry.   Andy is one of our trustees and is currently the Undergraduate Programme Director at ForMission College.  Andy has authored and co-authored a number of books on theology and our engagement with it.  He is currently studying for his second doctorate on spiritual formation among students.
Andrew Hall   Chris Page
Andy is another one of the trustees of WLA and has a passion to see people trained and equipped to step into all that God has planned for them.  Andy has been involved in church leadership for many years.
  Chris is the third of our WLA trustees.  He is especially passionate about discipleship and understanding how the Biblical model of discipleship can work in church in a postmodern world.  

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